What Supplements are out that can help with bone growth?

What Supplements are out that can help with bone growth?

What Supplements are out that can help with bone growth?

Supplements that can help with bone growth and can stimulate the pituitary example, arginine? I am a male, i have no facial hair i am not fully matured yet, i want to reach my full potential in height growth, by the use of nutrition and supplements. lets say i am 5’5 i want to get an inch or two with supplements like calcium, arginine proteins hormones anything and everything.

try not mentioning about genes and my family’s height, i heard it all…

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Eat a good variety of foods, lots of fruit and vegetables and dairy products. That guarantees all the micronutrients you need. There are no supplements to make a normal person grow more than their genetic potential. Growth hormone only makes people deficient in growth hormone taller.

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